Univest protects forests

On September 2017 Univest Group company has recieved The Certificate FSC. That Certificate prove that we cooperate with the cardboard manufactures which control its raw material – foresties which is used for cardboard production. The presence on the product FSC mark means that it was produced by the wood which was grown by methods which prevents forests’ degradation and depletion of forest resources.

Certificate FSC was granted by independent audit company “Legallis” and it is necessary to prove it yearly strictly.

For many years Univest company work with international food, non-food companies and pharmacy and produce for them cardboard packaging for Ukrainian market and export. Till today the quality and conformity to the international food safety demands of all processes was proved by The Certificates ISO 9901:2008 и FSSC 22 000. Receiving of Certificate FSC officially prove that we control the quality of all steps – from the raw materials origin to the packaging production.

Thereby Univest prove its environmental and social responsibilities. Suppliers can easily make sure if the legal wood which was used for production of the product which they purchase by the presence of FSC mark on it.

Today FSC is a recognized quality mark of paper products in over 100 countries. In the world it is certified more then 190 mln forests’ hectares and it was granted over 30 thousands FSC certificates for the paper production’ supply nets.

It has already been formed so called ecologically sensitive markets in developed countries. The demand for the goods produced without nature losses is growing. In the Europe and North America buyer search the FSC mark on the product before purchase it.

In Ukraine scheme of wood certification develop 15 years and now Ukrainian companies produce wide range of FSC certificated products – from round wood to matchwood, wood souvenirs and special kind of paper.

Why should we purchase products with FSC mark?

– You help to save our forests for further generations.

– Purchasing certificated products you get the guarantee that it takes place from the responsibly managing forests instead of doubtful and often illegal sources. Your money will go not to the “black” lumberjacks but to civilized loggers which take care about forest and restore.

– Certification help to save biologic diversity in forests. While keeping wood certificated loggers must save rare kinds of animals and plants, key biotypes, unique trees which could be destroyed during usual wood keeping.

Ecologically responsible companies is the reality and demands of modern world in front of present and future generations where company hold responsibility for its activities not only in front of business partners but in front of the environment as well.


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is the international organization, who created the system which prove environmental and social responsibilities during forest management. FSC mark on the wood or on the paper produced from this wood is the evidence that this product come from forest which has ecologically and socially responsible foresties.



Our advantages

A division of univest

Univest Packaging is a division of Univest Group Company, which joins several directions – creative agency, packaging production, printing house, warehouse and logistic services operator.

The structure of Univest:

Thus, we provide a full cycle of work with the client – from creating a layout design and packaging design to production, storage and delivery.


Quality and environment

Production, technological processes, products and qualification of the staff meet high international requirements and standards of the printing industry, including food packaging.

This is confirmed by:

Certificate FSSC 22 000,

Certificate ISO 9001:2015,

Certificate FSC


Our company regularly conducts audits of production processes by the controlling bodies of Bureau Veritas, Intertek, Legallis, and also Lactalis, L’Oreal, Disney, McDonald’s and others.

ISO Quality Policy

FSC-C-137643 License


For more than 20 years of work, Univest has acquired a number of reliable partners: suppliers of raw materials and materials, equipment manufacturers and logistics service operators. Thus, Univest Packaging can ensure all processes at a high level – from production to the delivery of finished products.

Goods & raw materials


Equipment manufactures



Storage and Delivery

We provide storage and delivery services provided by one of Univest’s divisions – the provider of logistic services Avant Logistic.



Univest Packaging specializes in packaging for different industries:

Industrial packaging:

  • Household chemicals
  • Cosmetics and perfumery
  • Electronics

Food packaging:

  • Confectionery industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Alcohol and Beverages